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Our Fave Stylists - Victoria Peek

Posted on April 15, 2016 by Alex Andrews

“What’s your favorite beauty hack?”

My fave beauty hack would have to be using a sock to create soft, beach waves. I always do a little happy dance when I score a matchless sock doing laundry. I cut the tip of the sock and roll it into a bun. While my hair is damp I always apply Up for Air and Twice as Thick cream. Then I use the sock to put my hair in a high pony tail. Once your pony is in place use another sock bun to roll the hair into a bun. I wear the bun out for the day, sleep in it, and then rock the beach waves the next day. Texture Takeover spray is always an added bonus to this look. It’s always a hit with lots of compliments.
Enjoy xoxo- Victoria
P.S. Don’t forget to lock the waves in place with Style Stay.

Victoria Peek


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