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  • Complete the form below (be sure to include your valid license number)


  • On the next page, click View Addresses
  • Click Add New Address
  • Enter your SALON address


  • If there is no fave4 distributor in your area, you should now see Salon Pricing in our store
  • Each time you return to the store - you must login to view salon pricing
  • Orders for customers without a valid license will be cancelled

Stylist Registration Form

By submitting this form you certify that you are a licensed cosmotologist.

Fave4 and OmniPotent are professional salon brands and we fully support our distribution and salon partners. Neither fave4 nor OmniPotent are sold or 'diverted' to non-professional locations and we strongly recommend purchasing from your local distributor store when available.

If our products are not yet available in your region please let your local store or DSC know that you are interested. During our distribution expansion we are selling online to provide product availability to in areas where we do not have local distributors. If you would like to purchase direct at wholesale pricing you must have a valid cosmetology license and register with us above.

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